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The Bernina Express

Every inch of the landscapes along the tracks of the narrow-gauge Bernina Express route contributes to making the journey a scenic dream. Indeed, this is one of the most picturesque train journeys in the whole world. Luckily the huge, panoramic windows mean you won’t have to miss one scenic second.

A train travels alongside a vast turquoise lake
A train travels through the Swiss Alps and Alpine meadows
A train emerges from a tunnel crossing a viaduct
Bernina Express first-class interior seating view
Bernina Express Train exterior in the snow

Classes of Accommodation

First Class

First Class seats onboard the Bernina Express are configured in a two-by-one arrangement across the aisle. This means that opposite every table for four is a table for two, allowing for more seating options. As there are fewer seats, they are slightly larger, with more leg and elbow room as well as more space for luggage storage. Once again, all of the seats line up perfectly next to the large panoramic windows, to really maximise the views of the stunning Swiss scenery.

Bernina Express first-class interior seating view

Standard Class

Standard class seating on the Bernina Express is arranged two-by-two across the aisle, all seats are configured as part of a table for four people. All seats line up perfectly with the large panoramic windows, meaning that there is a perfect view of the Bernina’s UNESCO-listed scenery for every passenger.

Bernina Express Train interior seating view
Bernina Express Train interior seating view for standard class

The Bernina Express Experience


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