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The Rocky Mountaineer

A journey aboard the famed navy blue and gold carriages of the Rocky Mountaineer has topped many a bucket list over the years. Synonymous with true luxury, breathtaking adventures, delicious food, inspiring landscapes, and unparalleled service – Canada’s Rocky Mountains await, and this is a truly spectacular way to experience them!

Silverleaf car onboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Navy blue and Gold train carriages on the track passing lake
Rocky Mountaineer
happy couple on platform of Rocky Mountaineer during train holiday

Classes of Accommodation

GoldLeaf Service

With a dining room and an outdoor viewing platform on the lower level, plus spacious, reclining seats and full-dome windows on the upper level, the bi-level, GoldLeaf Service coaches stand taller than the single-level SilverLeaf Service coaches. The upper level is where you can relax, stretch out in comfortable, reclining seats, and enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks. On the lower level, you’ll find the GoldLeaf Service dining room and the adjacent galley in which the culinary team prepares multi-course, gourmet meals that will keep you well-fed throughout your journey.

Rocky Mountaineer's seating for Gold Leaf Service
Train staff talk to animated passengers passing through mountain scenery
Man on Rocky Mountaineer's outdoor viewing platform

SilverLeaf Service

In SilverLeaf Service, your freshly prepared meals, beverages and snacks are served at your seat, and everything is located on one level. Two dedicated onboard Hosts will look after your every need here in this incredibly roomy coach. If the views beckon you outside, or if you just want a breath of fresh air, SilverLeaf Service coaches do have a small, more-enclosed outdoor area that can be shared comfortably by one or two people at a time.

Silverleaf food service onboard the Rocky Mountaineer
Silverleaf car onboard the Rocky Mountaineer
food served in Silverleaf class onboard the Rocky Mountaineer
food served in Silverleaf class onboard the Rocky Mountaineer
drinks served in Silverleaf class onboard the Rocky Mountaineer
hostess in Silverleaf class onboard the Rocky Mountaineer

Dining Onboard Rocky Mountaineer


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