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The Blue Train

Travel aboard South Africa's Blue Train, which offers a two-night luxurious, breath-taking journey between Cape Town and Pretoria. Experience the beautiful countryside and take in panoramic vistas while relaxing in five-star accommodation.

A Train on the tracks at sunset
A private train cabin with comfortable seating, landscape visible through window
Inside a luxurious train carriage, lounge chairs and coffee tables
The Blue Train Observation Car
A train carriage laid out with dining tables and chairs
Insidea  train carriage, with comfortable chairs and tables

Classes of Accommodation

Luxury Suites

Luxury Suites onboard the Blue Train measure 5,13 by 2 metres and can be either double or twin-bedded. With this extra size, they provide maximum luxury and become a real home away from home during the journey. In addition, they come complete with long and luxurious bathtubs as well as a private digital interactive entertainment system. Like De Luxe Suites, Luxury Suites have a dedicated butler and are fitted with complimentary Wi-Fi service.

Luxury Suite Bathtub onboard the Blue Train
Luxury Suite onboard the Blue Train
Luxury Suite onboard the Blue Train

De Luxe Suites

The De Luxe Suites onboard the Blue Train transform from a relaxing lounge area by day to a stylish bedroom in the evening, complete with individually controlled air-conditioning and under-floor heating. Suites measure 4 by 2 metres and either contain a double bed and bathtub with a hand-held shower, or twin beds with a shower. There is a complimentary Wi-Fi service as well as a dedicated butler to look after every request.

De Luxe Suite beds onboard the Blue Train
De Luxe Suite sitting area onboard the Blue Train
De Luxe Suite bathroom amenities onboard the Blue Train

Dining Onboard the Blue Train


While The Blue Train lives up to its five-star reputation in every sense, its cuisine surpasses even the highest expectations. It could be said that dinner will be the most unforgettable experience of your adventure. 

On board chefs regularly refresh their menus to intrigue and tantalise your palate, as they prepare their signature dishes using the freshest of local ingredients. From Karoo lamb, ostrich and venison, to Knysna oysters and other award-winning Cape cultivars. All artfully presented in delicate crystal or on fine china, all contributing to the ultimate experience.

Underscoring the Dining Car’s atmosphere is a delightful selection of tasteful background music, ranging from smooth jazz to light classical to the mellow tones of the Soweto String Quartet.

As the sky darkens over the landscape, you adorn yourself in your finest silks and satins, diamonds and pearls, tuxedos and ties, as you prepare to relish a banquet glowing with the camaraderie of new friends or dine entwined in the subtle intimacy of a table for two – or even if you opt to dine in the privacy of your own suite – you become aware that every taste you’re about to experience is a memory in the making, a tantalising highlight on a menu of magical moments.

And indeed, there’s a menu for every taste. Whether you require Kosher or Halaal meals or gluten-free vegan options, simply make your needs known at the time of reserving your passage. You’ll also need to reserve your ideal dinner sitting. Our very elegant Dining Car comfortably accommodates 42 guests in a single sitting and, in the event of having more guests on the train, meals are served in two sittings to ensure all our guests experience utter luxury and decadence.

Fine Dining onboard the Blue Train


Fine Dining table setting onboard the Blue Train

Shared Public Areas


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